Without family voices, our schools and healthcare settings cannot succeed in providing excellent, equitable outcomes.

Parents often don’t know where to begin when it comes to advocating for their children in the school and healthcare settings. Madvocator provides evidence-based training and tools to families who want to collaborate for better educational outcomes and for safer, more responsive healthcare.

In both the school and healthcare settings, family engagement leads to better outcomes. When families understand what true engagement looks like, they can participate and partner to a higher degree.

Madvocator’s school and healthcare advocacy programs help families build mutually beneficial relationships that promote the best outcomes.

Programs and Topics

  • Building Partnerships for Success: Advocacy series for families
  • Healthcare Self-advocacy for African American Women
  • Discussing Needs and Challenges with Healthcare Professionals
  • Navigating Biases in Healthcare
  • Avenues to Effective Self-advocacy
  • Managing Complex Care at Home
  • From Parent to Advocate: Success in school
  • Step Up: Preparing for Family Leadership Roles
  • Wheelchair Safety for Kids and Families
  • Hospital Safety for Kids and Families

Educational Advocacy Courses for Families

Madvocator’s programs for families focus on communication, engagement, problem solving, and building relationships with schools and education professionals.

IMG_0176Family Advocate Network

Online four-hour parent academy that focuses on communication, engagement and collaboration to meet the needs of diverse learners

logo-file.jpgI’m In

Parent involvement course and tools for K-12 parents that focuses on how and why parent engagement is crucial to educational success

Healthcare Advocacy Courses for Families

Madvocator’s family health advocacy programs focus on:

  • Communication and engagement
  • Care management
  • Effective navigation of complex systems
  • Reducing health disparities
  • Improving health literacy

By changing the way families think and participate in healthcare, we help families advocate for equitable quality, safety and experience outcomes in the healthcare setting.

Caregiver CEO

Care management training for families managing children’s or adults’ chronic conditions and mental health, with a focus on learning and communication

Home Care CEO

Caregiver orientation for families managing complex care at home, with a focus on collaboration, leadership, learning and safety

For information on how to bring these workshops to your community, contact us.