Family response to school reopening concerns in Euclid, Ohio

Dear Mr. Papouras, Thank you and the Euclid Board of Education for the presentation on this fall’s school reopening. I appreciate the thought and care that went into shifting the entire educational dynamic at short notice. As a parent in the district, I have some concerns that go beyond the 49-character maximum allowed in the … Continue reading Family response to school reopening concerns in Euclid, Ohio

Medication Safety

In the hospital At home Kids and families can help with medication safety in the hospital in a few ways. First, know the medications you are taking, when you should take them, the dose, and what the medication is for. Kids can be medication checkers and serve as a double-checker in the safety process. It … Continue reading Medication Safety

Avoiding Falls

Even during a short hospital stay, kids may feel unsteady on their feet because of inactivity or the medicines they are taking. Talk to the hospital staff about your child’s risk for falls, and find out how they decide what precautions to take. Some hospitals provide grippy socks or a special wristband for patients who … Continue reading Avoiding Falls

Preventing Infections

Hospitals are where we go to get well, which also means there are lots of germs and the potential for infection. Hospitals do their best to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections, infections you can pick up in a hospital.Some common types of hospital infections can be prevented by washing your hands well and encouraging … Continue reading Preventing Infections