Avoiding Falls

Even during a short hospital stay, kids may feel unsteady on their feet because of inactivity or the medicines they are taking.

Talk to the hospital staff about your child’s risk for falls, and find out how they decide what precautions to take. Some hospitals provide grippy socks or a special wristband for patients who are at risk for falls.

Before getting out of bed, even if it’s just to go across the room, call a nurse or hospital staff member. They can help to make sure your child moves around safely and avoids a fall that could cause injury.

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Speak Up to Prevent Falls, The Joint Commission

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Charisse Montgomery is the author of the Super Safe Kids series of books and safety tools. These tools engage children, parents, and their families in improving safety and advocacy in the hospital, the community and the home. A former educator, Charisse Montgomery has earned bachelor's and master's degrees in English, along with a master's degree in Educational Psychology, with research focused on informing and empowering parents of medically fragile children. She completed a graduate certificate in Patient Advocacy and serves on the Board at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.

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