Welcome to Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training

The mission of Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training is to change the way people think and participate in healthcare and education.

What We Do

Working together for better outcomes

We offer evidence-based training on healthcare and educational advocacy topics, and we consult with organizations to help them serve families more effectively.

Helping families navigate complex systems

We help families build capacity to navigate complex systems and participate in creating better outcomes. Equity is central to our training programs.

Fostering engagement to eliminate disparities

We work with education and healthcare leaders and develop programs and processes that increase family engagement, from consulting on communications to developing staff training.

Why You’ll Love Us

Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training is unique in offering both continuing education training for professionals and advocacy skills training for families, with a focus on equity and eliminating disparities in educational and health outcomes.

Madvocator’s evidence-based training programs are heavily focused on the positive impact of parent and family engagement in community, school and healthcare settings.