Family response to school reopening concerns in Euclid, Ohio

Dear Mr. Papouras, Thank you and the Euclid Board of Education for the presentation on this fall’s school reopening. I appreciate the thought and care that went into shifting the entire educational dynamic at short notice. As a parent in the district, I have some concerns that go beyond the 49-character maximum allowed in the … Continue reading Family response to school reopening concerns in Euclid, Ohio

Engaged families make hospitals safer

No hospital is error-free. The most important partner in your child’s health and safety is you. You can help keep your child safer by sharing information and asking questions.

Collaborating and Planning for Respiratory Season

In our house, fall means changing leaves, homemade Halloween costumes, and a little nail-biting fear. Respiratory season is upon us, and that always adds an element of dread for families of kids who are medically complex.

The Informed Caregiver

As a caregiver, I feel most empowered when I am informed enough to do more. Learning and sharing have become essential to my role as a caregiver. Finding out what works best is most effective when I can crowdsource helpful tips, reviews and advice from others who have walked this path.