Caregiver orientation for families of medically complex children, with a focus on the leadership and management tasks involved in managing safe home care

Building skills for managing complex care

Home Care CEOSM is an online family workshop developed by Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training that serves as a caregiver orientation for families of medically complex or technology-dependent infants and children. This skill-building workshop is designed to introduce families to the role and responsibilities of managing complex care at home, safely. The class also provides participants with literacy-friendly templates for organizing care-related materials and managing the home health setting.

Why families love this training

Home Care CEOSM training introduces families to the areas of leadership they need to manage home care safely, with discussions and activities designed to set expectations for the new role of complex caregivers.

Home Care CEOSM was developed for families starting the journey as complex caregivers. The training addresses common challenges and helps families develop a leadership approach to managing needs in the home setting.