Your voice and your story are your power.

The Torchbearers Advocacy Series is a workshop for Black and Latinx families of children who have health issues, learning concerns or disabilities and who are dealing with bias and unequal outcomes in the systems that serve them.

In this workshop, families build their skills for speaking up and advocating to get the best outcomes and work through barriers. The workshops include a workbook and supplies.

The Torchbearers Advocacy Series includes four areas of focus. Participants master telling their story to advocate for their child and build their skills in self-advocacy and leadership through storytelling. This course is ideal for parents who want to feel more confident when they interact with healthcare and education professionals and for parents who want to practice tough communications in a safe space.

What families say about Torchbearers

“I needed this. I feel so much more prepared for the work I have to do as a parent.”

“I’m excited to use my new skills when I talk to my son’s teachers. I’m feeling confident now, and I know I can do it.”

“I really love how this class is for women of color. We need spaces where we can talk about what’s really happening and learn from each other.”