Care management training for families managing children’s or adults’ chronic conditions and mental health, with a focus on learning and collaboration

Building skills for excellent caregiving

Caregiver CEOSM is an online workshop for families, developed by Madvocator Educational and Healthcare Advocacy Training, that focuses on communication, engagement and care management for chronic conditions and mental health. This skill-building workshop is designed to increase family participation in healthcare and improve family navigation of existing community resources. The class also provides participants with literacy-friendly templates for organizing care-related materials and managing communications with the healthcare team.

Why families love this training

As caregivers acclimate to the role, they build skills that help them navigate the healthcare system, its unique language, and the many partnerships they need to maintain in order to manage care effectively.

Caregiver CEOSM training addresses ways to increase family involvement in healthcare, which is especially important since the pandemic may limit or prevent frequent interactions with the healthcare team.