Of all the stuff we have to think about as parents and caregivers, safety is usually near the top of the list. Keeping our kids away from harm is one of our key job duties.

If your child has chronic health conditions, autism, or other special needs, finding useful safety tools can be so much harder.

With topics in hospital safety, surgery preparation, community travel for wheelchair users, and complex health needs, Super Safe Kids gives you the information and tools you need. Be safer at home, in the community and in the hospital with tools that are designed to improve kids’ health literacy and help them practice self-advocacy.

“We looked for adaptive tools to help us teach our son to be safe, but what we needed didn’t exist. That’s how Super Safe Kids was conceived. Using my background as an educator and advocate, along with my research in educational psychology, I began creating adaptive and inclusive safety tools for kids and their families that are evidence based and easy to use.”

Charisse Montgomery, author of the Super Safe Kids books and tools

Safety in the

What you need to know about preparing for the hospital and advocating for safety

Safety in a

Help your child navigate the community safely in a wheelchair

Safety for chronic health issues

Improve how you manage complex and chronic care at home