SEEKING SUBMISSIONS for an anthology of personal accounts of bias and medical harm experienced by Black women. Tell us your stories. Submit up to 2 personal essays or poems (up to 1,200 words each); no reading fee.

Submit by April 1, 2021. Notification by mid-July 2021 and public reading in late 2021. Contributors will receive one copy of the published manuscript, and the headshots of selected authors will be used in a cover art collage for the final manuscript.

Note from the editors

These narratives are not being gathered for the sake of being salacious; we cannot improve healthcare without facing the realities of how bias is experienced. If the healthcare system truly intends to pursue equity, it has to include the entirety of human experience, for every patient. That can start with close examination of what happens to those who experience the worst in healthcare.

The personal narratives will be separated from the bios and photos in the final manuscript to protect the privacy of those submitting.

Submissions must include:

  1. Your story of bias or harm in the healthcare system (submit as a Word document), including the following:
    • The scene or context in which the harm happened (for example: in the middle of an annual physical in the doctor’s office)
    • Some recall of the conversation and what was said—a few exchanges of what was said that struck you as biased or causing harm
    • What you interpreted or felt in that moment and afterward
    • How the experience of bias affected your care or experience
    • Optional: what if you could have that moment back?
  2. A bio (75 words or less) as a separate Word document
  3. A high-resolution headshot (casual or professional; jpg or jpeg)
  4. General release form (download below, sign and upload with your submission as a PDF or jpg)


For more information, use the contact page on this website to reach the editors.

Submit here.

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