Captains of the Team

Working toward the best outcomes for our son requires us to become team captains. We take into account the talents and knowledge of all members of the team: specialists, therapists and nurses. Each team member is responsible for some element of our child’s care, and working together, we make decisions that work for him. We … Continue reading Captains of the Team

Creating a vision for your child’s future

Creating a vision for your child’s education and future career can focus the efforts of the child and the family toward a collective goal. This process can also inform IEP planning in a special education setting.

My Road to Madvocacy

My first experience as an advocate was more than twenty years ago. I greeted my eight-year-old sister Chavon, who had fiber-type disproportion myopathy, as she descended the wheelchair lift on her school bus. It was Halloween, and she was in tears.

Bullies on the bus had taken the candy she had received from her class Halloween party, she told me. I let her pass me to enter our house and I stepped onto the school bus.