Collaborating and Planning for Respiratory Season

In our house, fall means changing leaves, homemade Halloween costumes, and a little nail-biting fear. Respiratory season is upon us, and that always adds an element of dread for families of kids who are medically complex.

Life after the Trach: Not So Simple

At two months old, my son Richie received his trach, and he was ventilator dependent until he was 18 months old. Gradually, he was able to tolerate a speaking valve and capping, all working toward decannulation. It seemed to us that things would be easier once he no longer had a trach, but it isn’t quite that simple.

Sensory Needs: Behavior is Communication

Because Richie has a significant speech delay, there are many times when he is unable to tell us the source of his frustrations. Over the years, and through several modalities, we have tried to give him tools to communicate his needs.

Three signs that you need to fire your child’s home nursing agency

For those of us whose children require in-home nursing, agencies are often the first resource suggested to us by hospital personnel and discharge nurses. Because they have access to multiple nurses, agencies can often respond to the need for care quickly. Many hospitals suggest that families use agencies instead of independent nurses because they assume … Continue reading Three signs that you need to fire your child’s home nursing agency