Engaged families make hospitals safer

No hospital is error-free. The most important partner in your child’s health and safety is you. You can help keep your child safer by sharing information and asking questions.

Confronting Germs With Your Medically Complex Child

The following was published as part of my “Teachable Moments” blog series for ProMedica HealthConnect. We humans are naturally social creatures. We gather, embrace and share. Unfortunately, we often share our germs. Germs are everywhere, and as a result, the parents of medically fragile children often limit their children’s interactions and essentially self-quarantine.

A Life with Few Answers

Congenital fiber-type disproportion myopathy is rare. In fact, it is so rare that there are no estimates on just how rare it is. A neuromuscular condition, it affects the muscle fibers and causes weakness that can affect eating, breathing, mobility and posture. Besides my sister and my son, I have never met another person with … Continue reading A Life with Few Answers